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October 31, 2019

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About Lightning Soft
Lightning Soft was founded 14 March 2008 with a single member, but eventually more members joined the team. For a long time, we have been concentrating on freeware game development in Game Maker, in which we've completed several games aimed at Czech gamers.

After collecting experience, we've decided to try to reach larger scope of gamers on the international scene. Currently we create games for the PC platform and Android in the Unity.
About Game
3x64 is a puzzle 3-match game with four directions. Your goal is the connecting blocks of the same colors on the constantly changing game board. Every direction of gravity has a unique active color - destroying blocks of the same color guarantees you one of many mighty powerups.

Gravity is changing faster and faster, and players should always be prepared for bigger challenges.
Game Features
• Powerups

In 3x64 you can get many types of powerups. You have 3 slots for basic powerups - these can be easily earned by destroying active color blocks. Altogether there are 16 powerups in the game, including those that manipulate blocks, time, and strategic minigames such as arkanoid and shooting.

• Crafted powerups

The basic powerups can be combined into much more powerful ones - crafting is easily offered by the game, you have to only know the right combination.

• Threat and iron blocks

Apart from the basic color blocks, two additional types of blocks will make your game more challenging. Iron blocks spawn every so often, and can be destroyed only using powerups. Threat blocks hide a random negative effect - but you have some time to destroy them before they activate.

• Online leaderboards

After the game ends, you can share how well you control gravity with other players in online leaderboards. Your current position in the leaderboards is always displayed during the game.

• Interactive tutorial

You can easily pick the game up on your own, but the game contains an interactive tutorial which can make your start even easier.
Gameplay trailer:

Full trailer will be available very soon (planned to 29.10.)

Download all screenshots
Logos, animations
Game Credits

Game Design: Satik64, chylex

Programming: Satik64

Graphic & Concepts: Satik64, Anna, chylex

Sounds & Music: peeterangelo

Testing & Feedback: Anna, chylex, GreenMan, Honzas4400, jackm, Majkyto, MTCougar, Timmy

English localization: chylex

Resources: Icon Vectors (freepik), Bubble sound (farfadet46), Dust animation (KnoblePersona), Raleway font under SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1

Monetization Permission
Lightning Soft allows for the contents of 3x64 to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from 3x64 is legally & explicitly allowed by Lightning Soft.